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Kick Stool

13 1/2" High x 15 3/4" Diameter at the base, step stool glides easily on retractable, heavy-duty rubber casters. Anti-skid bottom ring firmly grips floor when stool is in use. Rugged ABS construction supports up to 350 lbs. Steps feature slip-resistant rubber tread. Kick it into position, then step up - the casters retract and the anti-skid bottom ring holds you and the stool in place. The long lasting material will not rust, dent, or peel. Reach your tall crops or use it as a seat.

Step Stool, Overall Height 13-1/2 In., Material Plastic, Load Capacity 350 lb., Top Step Height 13-1/2 In., Base Width 15-3/4 In., Base Depth 15-3/4 In., Upper Platform Dia. 15-3/4 In., Color Black

Part # Color Ship wght. Price -
5E896 Black 9.5# $75.00

Garden Scoot Sitting Carts
Scoot your way through gardening without the usual strain on your back. The Garden Scoot's comfy, tractor-style seat is contoured, air-vented and swivels 360°. Its wide tires roll easily through loose, well-tilled or mulched soil. Includes an accessory tray.

  • Heavy duty steel frame

  • Weather resistant powder coated finish

  • Big 10'' pneumatic tires

  • 300 lb. weight capacity

  • Swivel tractor seat with adjustable height

  • Durable polypropylene tray

Seat dimensions: 13-1/4'' L x 17' L x 7-1/2'' H;
Tray dimensions: 17'' L x 15-1/2'' W x 3'' D;
Overall dimensions: 33'' L x 17-1/2'' W x 23'' H;
Weight: 30 lbs.
                                       Click Here for Manual

Part # Description Ship Wght Price -
5E898 Garden Scoot 4-Wheel Cart 30# $72.95

Container Size
7 cubic Ft. 12 cubic Ft.
28" High 32" High
32" Max W 34" Max W
56" Length 58" Length
35 # Weight 40 # Wght
Tire Diameter
16.6" 20"
Load Cap. 600# Load Cap.
Med. Green /
Royal Blue
Med. Green /
Royal Blue
Tread Width 4" Tread Width 2"


  • Rugged and Lightweight Design
  • Satin etched & anodized for looks and max weather resistance.
  • Pans are 7 & 12 cubic foot sizes, and are interchangeable. 
  • Polyethylene pan is leak proof & ultraviolet ray inhibited
  • 20" heavy-duty spoke wheels with ball bearings, pneumatic tires and thorn-proof tubes roll smoothly over rough ground
  • 16" diameter tires for maximum floatation in deep snow or mud.
  • 12 cu/ft cart can now be sent by Ground Service
  • When ordering, please specify Tires and Color Choices.
  • Typically anticipate 3 weeks to ship
Estimated Freight on
7 Cu/Ft Cart 
$51.00 East Coast
$53.00 West Coast
Estimated Freight on
12 Cu/Ft Cart 
$107.00 East Coast
$113.00 Central  States
$118.00 West Coast


Smart Cart 7 cu.ft.

Dim Wght $269.95
1C002 Smart Cart 12 cu.ft. Dim Wght $289.95
1C003 Smart Cart Pan 7 cu.ft. Dim Wght $110.95
1C004 Smart Cart Pan 12 cu.ft. Dim Wght $128.95

Shears, Corona Thinning

Florist and thinning shears with curved blade for picking fruit, light thinning in shrubbery, etc. Forged steel. Vinyl grip. 7 3/4 " long

- Part # Ship wgt 1-5/ ea. 6-11/ea. 12-23/ea..
5E213 .44# $18.30 $17.10 $15.50

ARS Curved Fruit Pruners

The curved blade of the pruner cuts fruit without damaging it,
even when it is near a stem.
The non-slip grips combine extra stability with fatigue-reducing comfort.
The blades are made of High Carbon Tools Steel.
Overall length is 61/4".

- Part # Ship wgt Price
5E212 .20 $19.75

ARS Straight Fruit Pruners

The clear-cut choice for durability and dependability is the ARS straight-tip short nose pruner. Made of tool steel and Marquench hardened, this pruner is designed to cut buds, gather vegetables and pick fruit

The non-slip grips combine extra stability with fatigue-reducing comfort.
The blades are made of High Carbon Tools Steel. Overall length is 61/4".
- Part # Ship wgt Price
5E211 .20 $19.75

Plant Calipers  new-ani.gif (3875 bytes)

Use this smooth-moving slide caliper for easy quick inside, outside, step and depth measurements.

  • Graduations in millimeters and 16ths

  • Lightweight durable polymer construction

 Caliper2.jpg (10195 bytes)

- Part # Ship wgt Price
5E210 .35 $3.99

Plant Clips 3/4"

Plant clips are used to support the weight of the plant when they start to get to their mature size. The back of the clip goes on a piece of twine then around the stem of the plant. The clip is designed to hold the twine tightly and won't slip. The clips are a must with heavy plants like tomatoes or cucumbers.

Black Plant Clips

Part Number Quantity Ship Wght Price
1W260B     Packages of (100) .25# $8.50
1/2 Case (3000) 9.7# $ 37.50
1 Case (6000) 18.9# $ 56.50
2 - 4 Cases (6000) 18.9# $ 54.25 / case
5 -17 Cases (6000) 18.9# $ 53.25 / case
18 - 23 Cases (6000) 18.9# $ 48.95 / case


PlantClipsBlack.JPG (59762 bytes)

Clear Plant Clips

Part Number Quantity Ship Wght Price
1W260     Packages of (100) .21# $7.50


1/2 Case (3000) 8.0# $ 36.00
5E050B     1 Case (6000) 16# $ 53.50
2 - 4 Cases (6000) 16# $ 51.25 / case
5 -17 Cases (6000) 16# $ 50.25 / case
18 - 23 Cases (6000) 16# $ 46.95 / case
Plant Clip with Plant.JPG (166951 bytes)

Tomato Grafting Clips  new-ani.gif (3875 bytes)

Grafting clips for tomato rootstock.

Increasingly greenhouse tomato growers are using grafting to both decrease susceptibility to root diseases and to increase fruit production through increased plant vigor. These Clips and the instructional video should give you all you need to try your hand at grafting.

  • Specially developed for various types of plants according to graft Japanese seed method, called the head-grafting.
  • Made of soft, flexible material with the proper light transmission. This material ensures easy grafting and prevents damage to the plant during the grafting and during the further growth of the plant.

Click Here for the Grafting Paper

Part # Description Qty Price/100 Shipping Wght -

Grafting Clips 1.5mm

100 $ 3.90 0.02#
500 $ 3.65
1000 $ 3.40
5000 $ 3.15
1G115 Grafting Clips 2.0mm 100 $ 4.00 0.02#
500 $ 3.75
1000 $ 3.50
5000 $ 3.25
1G125 Grafting Clips 2.5mm 100 $ 4.25 0.02#
500 $ 3.80
1000 $ 3.65
5000 $ 3.50
1G128 Grafting Clips 2.8mm 100 $ 4.60 0.02#
500 $ 4.15
1000 $ 4.00
5000 $ 3.76
1G130 Grafting Clips 3.0mm

For Cucumbers & Watermelon
Only Limited Supply Available

100 $ 4.40 0.02#
500 $ 4.20
1000 $ 3.90
5000 $ 3.60
1W135 Grafting Clips 3.5mm

For Cucumbers & Watermelon
Out of Stock until May 2014

100 $ 4.60 0.02#
500 $ 4.40
1000 $ 4.20
5000 $ 4.00
1G200 Video, Grafting Instructions
(Med quality video) NO RETURNS
1 $ 9.95 .2#

VegiBee Garden Pollinator  new-ani.gif (3875 bytes)

The VegiBee Garden Pollinators were designed to dramatically improve the productivity of the home food garden. The Vegibee Garden Pollinators are designed to replace bees, chemicals and the wind to manually pollinate food crops in a greenhouse, hydroponic or outdoor garden. VegiBee Garden Pollinators are high vibration devices that gently release pollen from the flower onto a specially designed collection spoon. The excess pollen is then used to manually pollinate 5-6 additional flowers on the same plant, increasing the yield by 30-40%.

The VegiBee plant pollinators can be used on all flowering plants such as tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, eggplants, blueberries and strawberries. VegiBee pollinators are affordable, easy to use and will ensure an abundant yield in your home food garden.

Both models have a 6 month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Product Specifications
Model #: 5E849R (rechargeable)

Ideal for large gardens or greenhouses

Five vibration speed settings (29,000-44,000 VPM'S)
Rechargeable NiMH battery
Two vibrating wands (long and short)
Water resistant design
Green LED light indicator
Two minute timer with automatic shut off
Power supply; AC or USB connection

Product Specifications
Model #: 5E849 (battery powered)

Ideal for small, patio or container gardens

One vibration setting (38,000 VPM'S)
One vibrating wand (long)
Sound wave technology
Battery Powered (1AA battery) included

See the promotional video here

Vegibee rechargeable.jpg (677166 bytes)
Vegibee battery powered.jpg (1908713 bytes)
Part # Description Ship Wght Price



Vegibee Pollinator
(Battery Powered)

6# $27.95

Vegibee Pollinator

6# $42.95

Tomato Pollinator

The pollinator uses a AA battery to drive a counterweight that, when loosely held, does an excellent job of vibrating the cluster of blossoms. Tomato flowers must be pollinated vigorously to get larger and more uniform fruit by increasing seed count.

Part # Description Shipping Wght Price -

Pollinator II (Battery Not Included)

0.16 # $15.95

Ultima Pollinator  new-ani.gif (3875 bytes)

Introducing a revolutionary new concept in pollination! A unique operating principle that uses a small DC motor as the power source, and a wobble type bearing that converts the rotary motion into linear motion.

  1. Machined from durable and long-lasting plastics, and aluminum.

  2. An exclusive variable speed control knob allows user to adjust the amount of vibration for optimum pollination.

  3. Operates on  6 volt battery.

  4. Produces a very high quality vibration with a stronger movement than the old style pollinator. Uses only slightly more power, but has much better pollination.

  5. Power consumption varies with operation speed, but a typical operating speed will draw 1/2 ampere at 6 volts.

Click Here to See 6 Volt Battery

Part # Description Ship Wght Price



Ultima Pollinator
(6V Battery Not Included)

2 # $174.95

MAX Ht-B Tapener Machine

Max Tapener.JPG (54889 bytes)

tapenertape.jpg (12041 bytes)

The Tapener machine is an excellent tool for binding plants or vegetables to stakes or twine. One squeeze on the handle staples the tape to itself & cuts it. Another squeeze, & the tape is pulled open for the next binding. Much faster than twist ties or clips. Order 1 box each of the tape & staples with the machine. One razor blade is included.
Use between plant clips to hold your
tomatoes & cucumbers next to the twine.
- Part # Description Ship Weight Price
5E850 Tapener Machine 1.5# $59.95
5E854 12 Rolls of tape (80'/roll) 1.5# $13.50
5E852 4800 Staples .28# $3.90
5E853 3 Serrated Blades .06# $6.95

Continuous monofilament plastic with about 10,000 feet per spool. There are two spools in a carton. Loop overhead wire and use 2 plant clips  to secure the free end of twine to the support twine.
Part # ship wt 1 spool 4 spools 8 spools -
5E124 11# $ 23.95 $ 21.50 $ 20.00

Tomato Hook
This stainless steel twine holder can be purchased with 30' of twine (9' of freefall twine); or without twine. You can wind your own by hand during the off season. The Tomahook measures 8.6" long and hangs from your overhead support wire. One turn lowers the plants the correct distance. Will hold up to 30' of twine.
- Part # Description Ship Wght Qty Price
5E234 Tomahook with twine 30.0# 400/Box $84.00
Tomahook with twine 30.0#/per box 2 Boxes $80.00/ea
Tomahook without twine 26.0# 400/Box $54.50
Tomahook without twine 26.0#/per box 4 Boxes $47.75 /ea

RollerPlast    new-ani.gif (3875 bytes)
New at Hydro-Gardens is the ROLLERPLAST. This latest addition to our range of greenhouse products is suitable for one or two growing seasons. Each replaceable spool, has 12 meters (39 Feet) of twine. Especially easy and comfortable to use, the RollerPlast’s attractive price also provides our customers with an economic alternative to existing methods. Much more inexpensive than the metal frames.

Body & Spools are shipped unassembled. 
Instructions are included to assemble them.

For a complete set, you MUST buy one Body and one Spool.

Assembly / Operating Instructions Click Here (PDF Format)
To read PDF Format Documents - Get Adobe Reader logo

- Item # Wght Quantity 1 Box 2 Box 5 Box
5E116B 25# RollerPlast Body @ 450/Box $62.50 $60.25 $56.25
5E116S 28# RollerPlast Spool @ 450/Box $97.95 $95.75 $90.25
- Item # Wght Quantity 1 50 100
5E116 .1# RollerPlast Complete / Each $0.65 $0.56 $0.50

Tomato Rollerhook with Twine
A new, unique twine holder that will quickly replace all other support methods now available.  This heavy gauge wire support hangs on your overhead wires with two loops. The plastic spool of twine is guaranteed for 3 years, and comes with 82' of twine - enough for 3 years for many growers.  At the end of the twine, simply purchase a new spool (5E055) filled with twine.  To use, simply support the plant and depress the side of the wire spring to release the twine off the spool.

 Frames & Spools are shipped unassembled. 
Instructions are included to assemble them.

For a complete set, you MUST buy one Frame and one Spool.

- Item # Weight Quantity 1 Box 4 Boxes 8 Boxes
5E056 30# Wire Frames Only @ 550/Box $149.25 $131.75 $120.95
5E055 52# Spool Only @ 550/Box $205.00 $189.95 $183.50
- Item # Wght Quantity 1 100 -
5E058 .15# Rollerhook Complete / Each $1.04 $0.99 -

Tomato Truss "J1" Hook
Used extensively in Europe and Canada. This J-shaped hook will support that cluster of tomatoes that has an extended truss arm. Re-use these items. Standard pack is 5,000 per case. Hook under truss arm and onto the twine.

Truss Hook "J1"

Truss Hook "J3"
Truss "J3" Hook
A Supporting hook that prevents damage to the cluster stem.
Triple length cluster for superior adjustment.
Unique design that enables an extremely fast operation.
Easy function.
- Item # Description Ship Wght Qty Price
5E220 Tomato Truss "J1" Hook (100 PKG) 2 oz 1 $2.95
5E222-J1 Tomato Truss "J1" Hook (Box of 5,000) 9.0# 1 $54.95
5E222-J1M Tomato Truss "J1" Hook (Case of 15,000) 27.0# 1 $153.25
5E220J3 Tomato Truss "J3" Hook (100 PKG) 2 oz 1 $2.95
5E222 Tomato Truss "J3" Hook (Box of 5,000) 9.0# 1 $54.95
5E222M Tomato Truss "J3" Hook (Case of 15,000) 27.0# 1 $153.25

Arch Support- 6mm
Supporting arch for the flower stem.
Important: To be used during the flowering stage before fruit sets on cluster. Once fruit sets use J-Hooks.

Excellent grip of the stem.
Width: 6 mm.
Sold by Box of 5,000 or Case of 20,000

- Item # Description Ship Wght Qty Price
5E054 Arch Support / 6mm (5k / Box) 6# 1 $66.25
5E054C Arch Support / 6mm (20k / Case) 24# 1 $229.95

All products & prices are subject to change at any time.

8765 Vollmer Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80908-4710

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